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What does Quacky do?

Quacky is an advanced utility bot that increases automation in your server.
Commands range from fun to moderation.

Utility Commands

Get detailed information of discord users, servers, and roles.

Find out a user's social medias with the userinfo command.

Check when someone boosted your server with the serverinfo command.

Find out what bot owns a role in your server.

Moderation Commands

Moderate your server easier with Quacky's moderation tools.

Use our advanced searching capabilities to easily find the right user.

Use silent mode to not disclose moderator information publicly.

Add/remove users from private channels with our channel moderation commands.

Voice Management Commands

Moderate voice channels with ease; just run a command.

Move everyone to a different channel without spamming.

Mute everyone in a channel without server muting users.

Kick everyone out of a channel without deleting and remaking it.

Fun Commands

From animal pictures to interactive games, Quacky is a great way for playing games and interacting with your server's community.

Play games like who's that pokemon.

Put a user's avatar on a template, like a wanted poster.

View cute animals like dogs, cats, and red pandas.